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Focused at the nanoscale, electron and ion beams provide a local probe particularly-suited for investigating semiconductor microstructures, nanostructures and defects. The core of this meeting includes the following topics:


Materials characterization methods:

- Electron beam characterization methods: CL, EBIC, TEM, SEM, EBSD, e.t.c.

- Light characterization methods: spatially resolved PL, micro PL, microRaman, OBIC, e.t.c.

- Scanning Probe Microscopy: STM, AFM and SNOM techniques.

- Ion beams and other microscopy characterization techniques: SIMS, e.t.c.


Application of these and related techniques to the study of:

- Photovoltaic materials and devices;

- Point and extended defects, impurities, interfaces;

- Heterostructures, quantum structures, devices;

- 2D crystals, nanomaterials, nanowires, nanotubes;

- Optical and electronic properties of defects, microstructures and nanostructures

and more generally, any quantitative and analytical aspect of local beam injection assessment of any solids.